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Next-gen solution that transcends traditional boundaries, ensuring optimal resource allocation, autonomous task flow adjustments


Agile Auto-Splitting: Enhanced Task Visibility and Unified Control

Experience the agility of auto-splitting tasks at the moment a spike or re-prioritization is detected. This ensures enhanced visibility and fluid expectation management while maintaining the task as a single unit for streamlined control in other designated views.

Enjoy the convenience of on-demand task splitting for individualized handling, allowing teams to move through each project phase with unmatched clarity and coordinated control.

Agile Auto-Splitting
×Agile Auto-Splitting

Automated Financial Foresight: Precise Budgetary Control for Every Project Phase

Effortlessly input essential financial information of assignees into our secure platform and seamlessly receive precise and dynamic cost calculations for specific periods, factoring in assignee availability, or obtain accurate estimations for sprints and milestones.

This comprehensive approach guarantees smooth financial planning, unwavering budgetary precision, and optimal resource allocation throughout each project stage.

Automated Financial Foresight
×Automated Financial Foresight

Dynamic Capacity & Velocity Planning: Adaptable, Effortless, Real-Time

Embrace the ease of automated capacity and velocity planning. This dynamic tool auto-calculates and adapts to changes in real-time, highlighting remaining capacity for any period.

It deftly uses historical and adaptive data, ensuring optimal resource allocation and project execution without the need for manual adherence to specific patterns or protocols.

Dynamic Capacity & Velocity Planning
×Dynamic Capacity & Velocity Planning

Autonomous Off-Time Integration: Personalized, Proactive, and Precision-Driven

User off-times are automatically intertwined with personalized timelines, actively interacting with tasks in real-time. The advanced system autonomously manages the task flow, auto-splitting tasks to clearly visualize assignee expectations and assist in work re-prioritization.

This seamless intervention mitigates deadline risks and ensures consistent project progression, adeptly adapting to individual availability and constraints.

Autonomous Off-Time Integration
×Autonomous Off-Time Integration

Empowered Monitoring: Process-Driven Alerts, Personal Freedom Ensured

Empower your team with monitors designed to guard the process. From basic deadline oversight to intricate, custom conditional monitoring on ongoing tasks, these systems notify through diverse channels, from messages to phone calls.

Allow your team the freedom to live life unburdened, confident that the system will promptly alert them to any defined anomalies, ensuring projects stay on course without exhaustive oversight.

Empowered Monitoring
×Empowered Monitoring

Holistic View


Panoramic view of everything: tasks, off times, events, and more, displayed comprehensively.




Helps with sprint creation, auto assignments and intelligently follows up on progress.




Enhancing both individual and collective productivity. Organize and personalize your board.

Comfort-Centric Views

Recognized views, widely preferred, showcasing precision.

Kanban: Tasks on Cards
List: The Compact Presentation
Unified Priority View

Kanban: Tasks on Cards

Visually representing workflow stages, facilitating adaptability.

List: The Compact Presentation

Control tasks efficiently, see everything in one glance.

Unified Priority View

View that transcends project boundaries.

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Budgetary Planner

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Realtime Retrospective

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